How Education Inspectorate will respond to TU Delft’s plan of change

The Executive Board submitted the so-called ‘Plan for change: social safety TU Delft’ to the Dutch Inspectorate of Education on 15 May. The latter will later give its first reaction.

In its damning report on social safety at TU Delft, the inspectorate demanded that the Executive Board submit a plan of action by mid-May. Earlier, Delta wrote about the renaming of the plan to plan for change.

Right track

According to a spokesperson, the inspection does not care what the plan is called, especially if the Executive Board can substantiate why the current setup was chosen. What matters, according to the spokesperson, is the content. “We will mainly look to see if they are on the right track. The plan must contribute to the end goal: restoring social safety.” The spokesperson expects to be able to say something more in about two weeks about how the inspection will respond to the contents. The inspectors will later provide feedback to the Executive Board and the Minister.

The plan for change is already in the hands of outgoing Education Minister Robbert Dijkgraaf. The Supervisory Board has submitted it on 15 May. According to the inspection spokesman, this was necessary because the inspection found mismanagement at TU Delft. According to him, the Minister can determine independently of the inspection whether the change plan gives him sufficient confidence that TU Delft’s administration is on the right track. If not, he can intervene by issuing an instruction.

Next year, the inspection will conduct a new investigation at TU Delft. By then, concrete improvements will have to be measurable.

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