Action group Students and Staff for Safety start poll about Executive Board

The so-called Students and Staff for Safety – an anonymous group of people from TU Delft – have opened a poll following their petition. They are also launching a ‘call for action’.

In a post on, they ask people whether they think the current Executive Board is capable of bringing about the cultural change needed to improve social safety at TU Delft. They are referring to the column #NotMyExecutiveBoard by Bob van Vliet and the letter to the editor by mathematics professor Jan van Neerven with the same hashtag, both in Delta.

The Students and Staff for Safety are asking people to enter that hashtag in the online tool Mentimeter during the sessions on social safety, which the TU is organising starting 10 April.

The petition launched by the Students and Staff for Safety on 5 March was signed more than 1,100 times. This partly led to the Executive Board abandoning its intention to take the Education Inspectorate to court.

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