Want to be a TEDxDelft speaker?

Do you have an idea worth sharing with thousands of people? For the sixth time, TU Delft students have the opportunity to win a spot on the TEDxDelft stage doing just that.

The TEDxDelft Award programme, organised by YES!Delft Students, is a qualifying process that gives one lucky student the chance to speak at the TEDxDelft event on December 8, 2017. Registration of pitches is open until May 3, 2017 and then the selection process begins. “Finalists will be selected through a small ‘speed dating’ night,” said Yaron Hendriks, TEDxDelft Award committee president. The top people will participate in workshops and receive professional-level coaching by TED trainers on how to best present their ideas.

On November 23rd, after the finalists give their talks to an audience of roughly 300 people, one winner will be chosen. Chose by a jury, this person will get the chance to present their idea at the prestigious TEDxDelft event in front of a live audience. But that’s not all. Hendriks, a Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management bachelor’s student (TBM), noted that the winner will also receive a cash prize of €500.

Increasing amount of mental illnesses

One hopeful participant ready to compete for the prize is second year applied physics (TNW) student Jonathan Schoenmaker. “My topic is the danger of the increasing amount of diagnosed mental illnesses like ADD, Dyslexia or Dyscalculia,” he said. “I believe that convincing people they suffer from an illness is a huge impairment on their way to recovery.” Schoenmaker said he has never participated in anything like this event before. “I just felt like I had something that I wanted to talk about and even if I don’t make it to the event, I still hope I have some good discussions about my topic along the way.” He knows it’s a sensitive issue but hopes he inspires people to start talking about it.

For more information check out the TEDxDelft Award website.

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