[Poetic Engineering]: O cancer profiles

Poetic impression by Bauke Steenhuisen of the dissertation ‘A critical perspective on microarray breast cancer gene expression profiling’ by Herman Sontrop.

Innovations at the time of their

Inception tend to blind us with desire;

Drawn to all the things we can acquire,

Dissonance dissolves into thin air.

We thought we caught the cancer DNA

With Watson’s project, previous century

By pairing bases complementary

Connecting C with G and T with A.

Yet while this trick made us plain lyrical

We clean forgot its instabilities

In measuring – how hypocritical!

Our data shined in small varieties.

We tried to make them look statistical

But cancer profiling remains Chinese.


Bauke Steenhuisen (universiteit docent bij de faculteit TBM) en Jeroen Manders (zanger, acteur, tekstschrijver, componist en voormalig IO student) verdichtten tussen december 2014 en maart 2017 42 keer een Delftse afstudeerscriptie of proefschrift tot een sonnet. Illustraties waren van Ella Nitters.

Poetic Engineering / Poetic Engineering

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