​How do you order bitterballen in Dutch?

A new app has been developed to help international students learn some Dutch before they come here. Six Dutch friends, thirty mini-games and five levels help them develop some basic Dutch language skills.

The free app, called Hoi Holland!, has been made for foreign students coming to study in the Netherlands. They can learn how to go shopping in the supermarket, what to say at a birthday party and how to use public transport. They also learn how to order that traditional Dutch snack, bitterballen.

The app was commissioned by internationalisation organisation EP-Nuffic, which has launched a campaign called ‘Make it in The Netherlands’ to encourage foreign students to study in the Netherlands. The game is suitable for iOS and Android smartphones.

Director-General of EP-Nuffic, Freddy Weima: “If students can even speak a little bit of Dutch when they come, it will take them less time to settle in, they will feel more at home here, they will make contact with Dutch people more quickly and find it easier to get a job once they have graduated.”

There are around 70,000 international students in the Netherlands.

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