Beach lecture

What happened with the stunning beach along Hoi An’s coastline? Every single day, the beach is being wiped out by the sea waves more and more. We were told that 30 meters of land has been swallowed in the past two months.

“Come on guys,” said dr. Viet, rector of the Thuy Loi University in Hoi An. “Today, you can see the erosion and watch it happen!”

At the beach, we got a lecture about the Hoi An problems by making drawings in the sand. Dr. Viet explained what has been going on for the past 10 years and how to deal with it. Even in one week of stormy weather, several meters of beach were no longer visible. Some local people were working hard to repair the damaged sand bags in front of their beach bar. These bags are only a temporary solution, until a permanent solution has been found, preferably by a public private partnership.

Next week, we are going to celebrate Maurits’ birthday and do a very popular thing here in Hoi An: get something tailor made. Hoi An is home to the world’s highest concentration of tailors per capita! The right color, style and lining to create the perfect two buttons single-breasted suit. After hours of googling for suit details, we are fully confident to go there!

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