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The website where students and employees in MBO and higher education can order free self tests, will go offline as of 20 June. Or even sooner if the self tests run out.


It was the intention that the online portal would close already on June 1, but for unclear reasons this took longer. Soon it will be, writes Minister Dijkgraaf to the Dutch House of Representatives [Tweede Kamer, red.].


Now that the advice to test preventively has been dropped and the number of applications to the portal has declined sharply, keeping it open longer is no longer effective. Nevertheless, the basic principle remains that the self-tests must be available in a “low-threshold” manner. Distribution to institutions will therefore remain intact at least until the summer, Dijkgraaf writes. They can continue to distribute the self-tests free of charge.


The portal was set up in May 2021 to make the self-tests quickly available to students and staff. In all, more than 12 million self-tests have been sent. (HOP, HC)


HOP Hoger Onderwijs Persbureau

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