​Summer Festivals in Delft

The Netherlands is known for having great festivals, however you don’t have to travel far or even spend that much to enjoy some of what is in store for summer 2015. Here are some upcoming festivals in Delft that celebrate everything the city has to offer.

This is the second edition of Delft Citypop, a music festival with Dutch favourites Di-rect, and Kraak en Smaak headlining. Although free last year, this year a two-day ticket will set you back €15 or €10 for one day.
When: May 22 – May 23rd from 17:00 – 23:00.
Where: De Markt Delft.

Delft Coffee Festival
The first edition of the Delft Coffee Festival, or De Koffiewerkplaats will offer the opportunity to learn everything about the world of coffee, from tastings and workshops, to latte art sessions. There will be live music, and best of all, it is free.
When: May 24 from 12:00 – 19:00.
Where: Doelenplein, Delft.

Ohm Festival
Created in part by former TU Delft students, Ohm festival aims to fill the electronic music gap in Delft. This is the indie festival’s third year, and tickets are €18
When: May 30 from 12:00 – 23:00.
Where: Lijm & Cultuur, Delft.

The International Festival of Technology is a new addition to Delft, and will make the city host to a week of technology related events, with everything from debates to master classes. The festival will culminate in The Day of Wonder on June 5, an event featuring music, art, food and of course technology.
When: June 1st – June 5th.
Where: All over TU & Delft.

Delft Fringe Festival
Since 2011 the Delft Fringe has been a way for the city to develop and encourage theatre creation and appreciation in Delft. Based on the idea of “the city as a stage” Theatre and dance will be performed in cafes, restaurants and living rooms around Delft.
When: June 4th – June 14th.
Where: All over Delft.

Dutch Beer Festival
If you missed Dutch Beer Week, why not celebrate the best of Dutch Beer at Biercafé Doerak instead, where 12 Dutch breweries will have their beers available to try as part of Nederlandse Bieren Festival Delft.
When: June 28 from 13:00 – 23:00.
Where: Biercafé Doerak.

Delft Chamber Music Festival
This festival has been a feature in Delft since 1997, and will present a week of classical music from around the world in an idyllic setting. Each event is ticketed individually, however you can fork out upwards of €180 to reservesix6 or more concerts.
When: July 31st – August 6th.
Where: Van der Mandele Hall, Museum Prinsenhof.

Jazz Festival
All we can tell you about the Delft Jazz Festival is that it is usually free, and will be in August. Other than this, the 2015 event remains shrouded in mystery.
When: August
Where: TBA

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