Student flat did not meet safety requirements

Student flat did not meet safety requirements

During a fire in the Uilenstede student flat in Amstelveen, five students were injured and dozens of residents had to leave their homes. After an investigation, student housing association Duwo now comes up with a plan for smoke detectors and fire resistant doors and windows.

In a letter to Duwo, students complained about the safety of the building. They wanted to know why there was no central fire alarm. A spokesperson said at the time that this was not necessary according to the rules. Nevertheless, after the fire the student housing association had an investigation carried out.

It now appears that the building does not meet the safety requirements in some areas. It is particularly worrying that the entrance doors are only fire-resistant for 20 minutes instead of the required half hour, says Duwo. Therefore, Duwo promises that these doors will be replaced in all buildings at Uilenstede. In total, about two thousand new doors will be replaced. Fire resistant glass will also be installed in several places. Furthermore, the living units will be equipped with smoke detectors earlier than required by law and a special company will make the pipe work of the toilets and showers fire resistant.

  • On the website of the Landelijke Studentenvakbond you can check (in Dutch) the fire safety of your own house: are there fire extinguishing materials, is there an escape plan, do you know the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning.

(HOP, Eveline Flink/ Delta) 


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