Sneak peak at financial companies

Sneak peak at financial companies 

From Monday April 19th to Friday April 23rd, Women’s network Librae organises the Beyond Finance Week. The aim of the week is give students a sneak peek behind the scenes of the finance sector, to show you there’s more to the finance sector than just finance.

During the theme week TU Delft students digitally participate in workshops of financial companies and meet female TU Delft alumni who work in the financial sector. “Students I speak to often have the idea that the financial sector is all about receipts, while there are many jobs that suit you if you have a TU Delft degree. For example, you could work in a cyber security department or develop a new customer app,” says Fay de Waal of Librae.

Participating companies are ING, Optiver and Torcx. The latter company invests in medium-sized companies. “I did an internship in the private equity sector myself and noticed that there are very few women working in it. So we hope to get more women interested in this sector as well.”

Click here for the full programme of the Beyond Finance Week. Registration is possible until Monday evening 12 April 23.59 hours.


News editor Annebelle de Bruijn

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