Rules for energy compensation for Delft students eased

New rules may mean that more Delft students receive an energy allowance. For those that miss out, there will be a special welfare benefit with more flexible conditions.

(Photo: Dalia Madi)

Many students at TU Delft are currently not eligible for the energy rebate of EUR 1,300 as they do not meet the conditions. The Municipality assesses their income according to the maximum that students can borrow from DUO, even if they do not take out this loan. This often made their notional income too high to qualify for the energy rebate. This may now change for some students.

A motion was accepted at an extra Municipal Council meeting on 3 October that will ease the maximum income requirements. Up to now, people with an income of up to 120% of the mininum qualified for the energy allowance of EUR 1,300. The motion may now make people with an income of between 120% and 130% of the minimum eligible for an energy allowance of EUR 500. The Municipality needs to roll this out as quickly as it can.

Falling into poverty
Another condition for the energy allowance is, and remains, that students have an energy contract in their own name. Many students do not have this as the energy is included in their rent. Apart from this, the minimum age to apply for an energy allowance is 21 years, while many students are younger than this.

To prevent students from falling into poverty the Municipal Council passed a second motion allowing students to apply for the Municipality of Delft’s special assistance programme. This has no requirement for an energy contract on name. It also does not have an age limit of 21 years. 

However, the special assistance programme will not cover the entire cost of energy that has risen so dramatically. The Municipality does not look at the actual excess amount that students have to pay for their energy, but makes a calculation using set rules for heating and energy costs. The rebate that may be paid will be between EUR 160 and EUR 485 a year.

Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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