Production of Nuna11 underway

Production of Nuna11 underway


In Zwolle, the Vattenfall Solar Team has started the production of its newest solar car: Nuna11. Mayor Peter Snijders opened the production hall on Friday 19 March and gave the official start signal for construction.The new solar car should be ready by the end of May.


With Nuna11, the team wanted to compete in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, the solar racing world championship held every two years in Australia.

That race has been cancelled due to the pandemic, but not building the car would be a waste, according to team captain Christiaan Wiers. “After six months of calculation and design, we know exactly what the ideal solar car should look like. We remain hopeful that we will eventually be able to challenge our competitors in a real race.”

(Photo: Vattenfall Solar Team)

Corona bubble

The team members will spend the next sixteen weeks in Zwolle, where they will work on the solar car from a self-imposed corona bubble. Visiting family and friends is out of the question; if one of the team members gets infected, production will come to a standstill.

Details about the design are limited. To stay ahead of the competition, the team only mentions that Nuna11 will be a tricycle. The newest solar car is expected to be presented in June. 

News editor Marjolein van der Veldt

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