Preliminary inflow figures: TU Delft continues to grow

The number of students at TU Delft in the 2021-2022 academic year is currently 28,066. It is a preliminary figure, but it does show that TU Delft is growing again.

TU Delft is growing again, by about 600 to 700 students. (Photo: Justyna Botor)

Rob Mudde, Vice President of Education, shared the information about the inflow for the new academic year at the General Assembly of Councils that includes the Executive Board, Works Council and Student Council on Thursday 23 September. According to the most recent figures, TU Delft now has exactly 28,066 degree students. Mudde emphasised that this is still a preliminary figure and that the final figure will be compiled on 1 October. What it does show is that TU Delft is growing again, by about 600 to 700 students. This continued growth is leading to additional pressure, admitted Executive Board Chair Tim van der Hagen. “On different fronts too. Not only in terms of additional workload at TU Delft, but also additional pressure on the city – even just in terms of housing all the extra students. We really have to stop and think about this,” he said.

More master students in particular
According to Mudde’s figures, the growth is concentrated in the master’s courses where the inflow increased by about 10%. In part, this is the effect of catching up on last year. Some of the non-EU/EEZ students that had deferred their enrolment because of corona are planning to start now. One effect is that TU Delft will probably reach the point that the inflow for master degree programmes – the total of bachelor students moving to master degree programmes plus the new master students – will be higher than the inflow for the bachelor degree programmes.

Mechanical Engineering peaks
The picture is more stable in the bachelor studies. Just like last year, the inflow is slightly lower (-1%), which is in line with the demographic developments in the Netherlands where the number of 18 year olds is falling but which is partly compensated for as more pupils earn their VWO (pre-university education) diploma. The popularity of Mechanical Engineering is striking. The inflow has exceeded 765, an all time high, according to Mudde. “That is good as the Netherlands needs plenty of mechanical engineers. At the same time, what is less good is that the numbers are really very high. It is a huge compliment to the Faculty that they have managed to achieve this yet again,” Mudde says. 

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