New TNW building completed 2026 or later

New TNW building completed 2026 or later



The new building of the Faculty of Applied Sciences will not be completed until the end of 2026 at the earliest. Dean Paulien Herder announced this during an online New Year’s meeting for TNW employees.

Physics, as the TU calls the new building, will be located in the Kluyver area near building 58 (Applied Sciences, TNW Zuid) and the reactor institute. ‘The most suitable location is the present location of the Logistics and Environment department (a facilities department). At this location the best vibration-free soil in the area can be found, which is very important for the vibration-sensitive research that takes place at this faculty. The Logistics and Environment department will be housed in a new building a little farther down the line in this area.’

The building will house all the teaching and research groups and faculty support that are now located in the building on the Lorentzweg. What the building will look like exactly is not yet known, but Herder showed a number of sketches during the online meeting. After the meeting, TNW employees received a survey about the use of space now and in the future.



The current building on Mekelweg will be renovated when all departments have moved out and it is vacant. “What the building will look like and how it will be used after the renovation is not yet known.”

The faculty is taking into account that the new TNW building will be finished later than 2026. “Given the developments in the construction world,” Herder said.



News editor Annebelle de Bruijn

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