More on-campus exams

More on-campus exams

The number of on campus exams is slightly higher this semester than last semester. The next two weeks, TU students will be going to the X sports centre and the Cornelis Drebbelweg for a total of nineteen exams. During last semester’s exam period, this was the case for seventeen exams. This exam period has a total amount of 540 exams. 

Five of the eight faculties have chosen for one or more physical exams. They are: Aerospace Engineering, Civil Engineering and Geosciences, Applied Sciences, Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering and Technology, Policy and Management.  

Last exam week was the first time since the outbreak of the corona crisis that the TU Delft organised physical exams. All the on-campus exams fully comply with the RIVM guidelines.  Both faculties and the central student council have indicated that students prefer to take their exams on campus rather than at home behind their laptops.


News editor Annebelle de Bruijn

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