Leuven: exams in an old brewery

Leuven: exams in an old brewery

Hundreds of Flemish students at the same time are already taking exams on campus. The University of Ghent, for example, is organizing no less than 143 thousand exams in 200 different halls until the beginning of July, reports Het Laatste Nieuws. By far the largest location is the specially rented event complex Flanders Expo. There is room for 2,000 students there. To ensure that everything goes according to the rules, the university has no fewer than 7,000 supervisors at its disposal. In addition, walking routes are marked off with adhesive tape, there is plenty of disinfecting gel and all students are given a mouth mask. KU Leuven also complements online testing (via Skype, for example) with physical exams, which are spread across various city districts and campuses. A maximum of 4,500 students may be present on campus per day. If necessary, the university will relocate to external locations, including a concert hall, sports halls and even an old brewery. (HOP)

Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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