Just one hurdle left for delayed flat BalPol 4

The BalPol 4 student block of flats looks like it really will be built. Duwo has just one administrative hurdle to jump and the building of 136 new student flats can start.

(Illustration: Studioninedots + HVDN)

The municipal council of Delft approved the building of a new block of flats on the Balthasar van der Polweg-Korvezeestraat, also known as BalPol 4. Along with the approval, the municipality issued an environmental permit this week. What this permit means is that stakeholders in the surrounding area have the right to submit objections. They have six weeks in which to do so.

Duwo may only start building if the environmental permit is definite. The building company is planning to start digging the foundations in November. “The construction will take about a year so if everything goes according to plan, it will be finished at the end of 2022,” says Heleen de Vreese of Duwo’s Board of Directors.

‘The plans were originally made in 2012’

The building will be built on the current parking area between the BalPol student flats and the Korvezeestraat. Each self-contained studio will be 24 square metres and have its own bathroom and kitchen. “The plans for BalPol 4 were originally made in 2012. There was a great need at the time for self-contained units for students,” explains De Vreese.  

There was a lot to do over the last few years in the planning for BalPol 4. The presence of bats a protected species – in the neighbourhood caused delays. The companies in the surrounding area objected too. They were worried that they would not be able to park their cars anymore and that there would be a lot of problems with noise.

The municipality looked into the parking pressure in the area and it turned out that there are enough parking places within 400 metres. The exterior walls of the flat will be fitted with bat boxes and the building will have a green roof.

News editor Annebelle de Bruijn

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