Forty European starting grants to the Netherlands

Forty European starting grants to the Netherlands



The European Research Council ERC has awarded grants averaging €1.5 million euros to 408 younger scientists. Four of them work at TU Delft.


The starting grants are for scientists who obtained their PhD two to seven years ago. Almost three thousand applications were submitted for this round, of which, as usual, only a small part can be honoured; this year 15 per cent.


Countries compared

At TU Delft, researchers Francesco Avallone, Ivan Langella (both Faculty of Aerospace Engineering), Sebastian Weingartner (Faculty of Applied Sciences) and Ali Akyldiz (Erasmus MC and Faculty of Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering) won the grants. You can read what they plan to do with the research money on TU Delft’s website.  


Most awards went to scientists at German (81) and British institutions (70). The small Netherlands won no fewer than 40 starting grants, leaving France (39) just behind. (HOP, HC/Delta)


News editor Annebelle de Bruijn

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