[Food police] French bread rolls and mashed baby fruit snacks

Every week a Delta editor tests the food on campus. From the Aula to X and everything in between. Hungry yet critical, we critique the meals.

This time Delta went down and out in BK City. (Photos: Marjolein van der Veldt and Nina van Wijk)

By Marjolein van der Veldt and Nina van Wijk

Braving the Siberian temperatures, Delta’s Food Police tramped through the fictitious snow that just won’t fall. It is Thursday, the day on which Code Orange was issued by the weather service and the NS railway deployed its limited winter schedule. Our quest outdoors for a suitable restaurant is chilly. After being disappointed at two Toastable restaurants, we find ourselves in the F&B Corner (Cormet) at the Faculty of Architecture.

Restaurant: F&B Corner (Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment)
Day: Thursday 31 January 2019
Time: 12:11
Meals: Bread roll with brie (€ 3.04), pain rustique carpaccio (€ 3.04), mango smoothie (€ 2.58) and a coconut smoothie (€ 2.58).

Temperature (-)
As the food is not served hot, we keep our thermometer to ourselves.

bread roll (8)
The first bite of an off-the-shelf bread roll can go either way, but this is a positive surprise. The bread roll is crispy and fresh which, together with the walnuts, is a good contrast to the creamy brie. There are a couple of rather lost looking ice-berg lettuce leaves in there too. They should have stayed in the North Pole.
Pain rustique with carpaccio (7)

Looking at it is fine, biting into it less so. The pain rustique looks attractive but turns out to be a tough bite. The carpaccio wins the day though, feeling tender and juicy between the teeth in its pretty red coat.
Mango smoothie (9)
The smoothie is smooth and not too thick. It’s easy to drink through the, unfortunately environmentally unfriendly, straw.
Coconut smoothie (5)
A little on the watery side for our taste and this editor too is not happy about the straw, it’s anything but chill.

IMG_20190131_122347756.jpgAhoy! Where are those ice-berg lettuce leaves?

Brie bread roll (6.5)
The flavour of the bread roll is a surprise, but this time not a positive one. The salty flavour of the basil pesto completely dominates the creamy brie. A safe choice may be dull, but we would still advise Cormet to serve it with honey the next time. On the other hand, the brown bread roll with seeds is a good combination with the brie.

Pain rustique with carpaccio (8)
Heavenly! The carpaccio is tender, the Parmesan cheese is tasty and the thin layer of pesto and the few rocket leaves means that there is little ‘rustic’ about this lunch.
Mango smoothie (9)
The mango smoothie tastes just as you would expect – of mango. A tropical taste on a grey, winter’s day.
Coconut smoothie (8)
Have you always wanted to try some baby food? This is your chance! This smoothie is exactly the same as baby’s first mashed banana. And yes, we’re talking from experience.:)

The coconut smoothie is exactly the same as baby’s first mashed banana. 

bread roll (8)

A big bread roll + a lot of brie = a well filled bread roll. Except for the symbolic ice-berg lettuce. Maybe the Albert Heijn lettuce didn’t grow.
Pain rustique with carpaccio (8)
The only problem with this bread roll? It was so delicious that we wanted more!
Mango smoothie (7)
The texture of this smoothie is slightly thicker than the coconut one and is much more filling.
Coconut smoothie (5)
This one is too watery to be very filling.

Brie bread roll (8)
The bread roll is filling and is well filled. Except for the ice-berg lettuce then. For € 3.05 that’s not bad.

Pain rustique with carpaccio (9)
We don’t know if this is usual, but at this Cormet branch the bread rolls are very well filled. With its mound of carpaccio that would make the Netherlands’ first carpaccio bar jealous, it feels as if we’ve been released from prison without paying the fine.
Mango smoothie (6,5)

The quantity is fine, but at € 2.70 the price of the smoothie is on the high side for a cup of pureed deep frozen mango.
Coconut smoothie (6,5)
We were warned, but still feel a little cheated. The coconut smoothie tastes more like banana juice mixed with coconut water. It’s like cheating during ‘Expeditie Robinson’.

IMG_20190131_122315.jpgUnusual? At this Cormet branch the bread rolls are very well filled.

bread roll (7)
The cocktail stick gives the bread roll a cheery look. But the stick just gets thrown straight into the (not separated) rubbish bin and is completely unnecessary. The cardboard container tries its best to get you through the afternoon with the quote ‘Enjoy the good life!’.

Pain rustique with carpaccio (7)
Let’s talk about the name. ‘Pain rustique’ sounds like a French picnic, but isn’t a bread roll with carpaccio Italian? We suggest another name: pane rustica. Prego!
Mango smoothie (7)
The smoothie is in a plastic non-recyclable cup with lid. Here too Cormet tries to give a positive message by sticking a smiley on top. Are we happy?

Coconut smoothie (7)
The same thoughts about the packaging – see above.

IMG_20190131_124233.jpgAt the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, waste was not yet colleted seperately.

Experience (7.5)

The staff are helpful and the restaurant offers several vegetarian options. One minus point is the design of the place – it is not clear and not really user friendly. For example there are two counters, but we are not sure where we have to pay. Still, we will happily come here again. The cheerful lamps, plants and colourful furniture create a fantastic atmosphere.

Overall rating:
Brie bread roll: 7.5
Pain rustique with carpaccio: 8-
Mango smoothie: 7.5

Coconut smoothie: 6.5


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News editor Marjolein van der Veldt

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