First Delft Student Neighbours’ Day

First Delft Student Neighbours’ Day



On the very first Delft Student Neighbours’ Day, Delft students brought packages of biscuits and soup to their neighbours.
The initiative stems from the ‘Hart voor m’n Stad’ campaign, in which students organise activities for all Delft citizens. The original idea was that students and neighbours would get to know each other better over a cup of soup or hot chocolate, but that plan had to be changed due to the new corona measures. 


Therefore, on Sunday 28 November, students brought over 300 packages – consisting of soup, hot chocolate and ‘pepernoten’  – to their neighbours. The free packs were available to all Delft students. They could be collected at the societies of the Delftsch Studenten Corps (DSC) and K.S.V. Sanctus Virgilius (Virgiel). 


Mayor Marja van Bijsterveldt received a parcel from her student neighbours. (Photo: Virgiel)

Martijn Oetelmans, external commissioner of Virgiel, says he has received many positive reactions from both students and their neighbours. He called the first edition a great success and said he would like to organise the event again next year. (MvdV)


News editor Marjolein van der Veldt

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