EUR 2,000 for best master’s thesis

EUR 2,000 for best master’s thesis



The Social and Economic Council (SER) awards EUR 2,000 to the best master’s thesis in scientific and higher education. The prize is awarded to a thesis on a socio-economic subject or one of the other fields of activity of the SER.


The prize winner is chosen from three nominees at a public council meeting of the SER. He or she receives a cash prize, can address the SER and can shadow SER President Mariëtte Hamer for a day. The two other nominees will each receive EUR 500.


The thesis must have been written by a master’s student at a Dutch university. International students may also submit their theses. Theses written in the previous academic year are also eligible for consideration.


More details about the submission period and conditions are available here

Science editor Jos Wassink

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