Delft scientists call for more climate education

Dutch scientists in a letter call on Minister Mariëlle Paul to introduce climate education in secondary schools. The letter was sent June 3 and signed by 89 scientists, 20 are from TU Delft. The initiator of the letter, professor of engineering physics Sander Otte also works at TU Delft.

‘While politicians spend more than six months to form a new cabinet, the change in our climate continues mercilessly,’ the scientists write in an attached press release. Because the effects of climate change are particularly affecting young people, according to the scientists, it is especially important to address this in secondary education.


In the letter (link in Dutch), the scientists set out the benefits of climate education. For example, it would help young people deal with tensions associated with drastic changes. It also allows them to better arm themselves against disinformation from corporations, politicians and the media, people the letter writers. Finally, it enables young people to ‘contribute to a sustainable and just society’.

Although high schools already currently pay attention to climate and sustainability, there is still much ground to be gained, according to the scientists. “It relies too much on trust in technological solutions and does not sufficiently emphasize what the consequences would be of doing too little or nothing,” said Otte.

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