Delft on 3 in ranking

With a shared third place, TU Delft is in the Dutch top 3 of the World University Ranking of More than 100,000 students worldwide, of whom 3,500 in the Netherlands, have assessed their university or college in 15 categories. TU Delft received a score of 8.6.


The top 3 of the almost 60 assessed Dutch educational institutions consists of the Pedagogische Hogeschool De Kempel in Helmond (1), Hogeschool Viaa in Zwolle (2) and a shared third place for Artez – Hogeschool voor de Kunsten from Zwolle, TU Delft, Wageningen University and the Catholic Pabo in Zwolle. They received the best NPS score, which indicates the extent to which students would recommend their educational institution to others.


Marnix Broer of “Many rankings are based on the amount of tuition fees, the number of publications by professors or other variables in which money or reputation plays the largest role. Our ranking includes topics that students find important. This varies from safety and diversity to the quality of (online) lessons, the food and the facilities. But also, for example, the atmosphere and finding a date.”


More than 1,100 universities and colleges have been ranked worldwide. 6 universities have the highest attainable NPS score, including 5 US universities. The best-scoring university closer to home is the University of Pisa.

Managing editor Dorine van Gorp

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