Climate activists announce new occupation of TU Delft

End Fossil Leiden and Delft have announced a new occupation of TU Delft on 19, 20 and 21 February. It can only be averted, the activists say on Instagram, if the Executive Board meets at least one of their demands: cut all ties with the fossil industry, ban all fossil and war companies from the campus and democratise the university’.

If the occupation continues, it would be the second time. The first occupation took place in education building Pulse, in May 2023 and lasted from  1 PM to  00:30 AM. The climate activists then also planned to stay least until TU Delft granted one of their demands.

Delft Career Days

End Fossil announced the new plans with a video on Instagram. In it, they can be seen pasting a strip of paper with the word ‘criminal’ over a Delft Career Days banner. That paper had disappeared on Wednesday morning.

The activists have been targeting the Career Days for some time. The announced occupation will take place at the same time as the Delft Career Days orientation days in the aula. Whether the activists have that same building in mind for their action is not clear.

Response TU Delft

A spokesperson said that TU Delft respects the right to demonstrate. However, he said that TU Delft expects End Fossil to take into account ‘rules and processes, not to disrupt education, not to endanger the safety of people and buildings, not to protest outside opening hours and not to use discriminatory or hateful texts’.

TU Delft also wants to consult with the activists in advance on ‘what forms are possible’, the spokesperson said. Whether that could be an occupation depends on ‘what form it takes’.

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