Noise protest End Fossil in front of the Aula

Noise protest End Fossil at aula building



Action group End Fossil held a demonstration in front of Aula around 11.30 am on Monday. The occasion was the start of the De Delftse Bedrijvendagen (DDB) orientation days. This career event features energy company RWE, involved in controversial lignite mining in Lützerath, Germany. The organisation of the Bedrijvendagen does nevertheless not classify the company as fossil industry, but as sustainable company. The action group disagrees. (Continue reading below photo)



A masked RWE-protester speaks at the End Fossil demonstration. (Photo: Rob van der Wal)


A masked protester present at the protests against RWE in Lützerath gave a speech. Then activist Martine Doppen of Fossil Free Advertising spoke about RWE’s advertising campaign. A member of UvA Rebellion, that occupied a university building in Amsterdam in January, was the last to address the audience.


Around noon, the group of around 40 attendees held a sound protest with cheering, chanting slogans and music instruments. At the same time, RWE began a presentation in the senate chamber inside the Aula. (RvdW)



Science editor Rob van der Wal

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