Agreement: students on representative councils get EUR 500 to EUR1,200 a month

Student organisations and educational institutions have agreed that the allowances for students on representative councils must be raised. For students on central councils, the guideline will be EUR 500 to EUR 1,200 per month. For faculty or decentralised councils, it will be between EUR 250 and EUR 525.

Students on representative councils have a say in the policies of their colleges or universities. They even have the right of consent for important issues. All the parties agree that that level of responsibility requires appropriate remuneration.

In 2018, educational institutions and student organisations already agreed on a standard for the number of hours. Students in central councils spend about eight hours a week on this, they agreed. But for university students, this is more likely to be around 20 hours a week.

Once the hour norm was in place, the House of Representatives also asked for national guidelines for financial compensation for students in councils. Outgoing Minister Dijkgraaf of Education is happy that this is now in place, he writes to the House of Representatives. This makes it likely that universities and universities of applied sciences will get their promised EUR 3 million. This amount will be shared among them.

HOP, Olmo Linthorst

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