Wubbo Ockels Innovation awards for sustainability ideas

Wubbo Ockels Innovation awards for sustainability ideas




Jury (left) and winners (right) of the Wubbo Ockels Innovation Prize gathered behind the winning laundry rack. Sustainability Coordinator Andy van den Dobbelsteen (second from left) is a member of the jury. (Photo: Marcel Bilow)


Sustainability organisation De Groene Grachten presented the Wubbo Ockels innovation prize at The Green Village on 3 November. The prize aims to keep the legacy of astronaut and sustainability pioneer Wubbo Ockels alive. Anyone with an innovative idea or effective solution for sustainability can compete. Despite the Delft touch, there were no subnmissions of TU Delft among the winners. The three winners are:


  • Jessica den Outer (Rights of Nature Foundation), together with Milan Meyberg (TheGAIA), gives nature a voice with avatars and artificial intelligence.
  • Fonger Ypma (Arctic Reflections) launched the plan to further expand the Arctic ice by spraying the floating ice with seawater in strategically chosen places in winter. This should slow down the accelerated melting.
  • Pieter van der Ploeg developed an energy-efficient clothes dryer by reducing the size of the classic dryer and turning it with a motor. The Speed Dryer fits in your student room, dries in two hours and costs 5 cents in electricity.


Do you also have an idea? Apply for the next edition of the Wubbo Ockels innovation prize.



Science editor Jos Wassink

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