What did the TU Delft campus vote for?

What did the TU Delft campus vote for?



GroenLinks/PvdA is the big winner in Delft, according to the final results of the national elections (in Dutch). 25.9 percent of Delft residents voted for the party. That is a growth of 11 percent compared to the previous elections. D66, the largest party in Delft in the previous elections, lost 11 percent.


The PVV is, like in the rest of the country, also popular in Delft. The party finished in second place with 16.8 percent of the votes. VVD came third with 12.6 percent. Newcomer NSC received 9.3 percent of the votes. The turnout percentage decreased by two percentage points compared to 2021 (from 79.5 percent to 77.6 percent).


2,723 ballot papers were filled out in the TU Delft Aula (Auditorium). Ten people voted blank and six votes were declared invalid for unknown reasons.


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The results from the Aula polling station are a good reflection of Delta’s poll into the voting behavior of the TU Delft community. More than a third (37 percent) of students and employees planned to vote for GroenLinks/PvdA, 3 percent for the PVV. These percentages are virtually equal to the final results of the polling station. (MvdV)


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