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A new academic year, and a renewed Delta website. What has changed and why?

Our renewed website is easier to navigate, is more varied and has a fresh new look. Delta was conceived in the spring of 2017 to be an online magazine for news, background and opinion about TU Delft. In the summer of that year, we started building the current website. That website, and especially the home page, has now been given a facelift.

The update was in response to users’ experience. Visitors sometimes found it hard to navigate around our home page. The layout showing featured articles followed by the latest news was not clear at a glance. We hope that we have now made it easier for visitors to find their way around the home page.

At the top, we now show a mix of the editors’ recommended reading and the latest news. Beneath that are the latest articles arranged in categories. This design enables us to display more items on the home page while making it easier to see the articles at a glance. The layout has also been streamlined and given a new font.

The links beneath the article pages to other articles that may interest the readers has also been improved in the new design. We have also dealt with the site’s content management system, which has become more user-friendly for the editorial staff. We now have more time to concentrate on the content.

All in all, we are very happy with the new-look Delta and are looking forward to an academic year full of news and great stories. If you have any questions or comments, mail us at

Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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