‘Voluntary repentance scheme’ for exam fraud Saxion

‘Voluntary repentance scheme’ for exam fraud Saxion



Saxion University of Applied Sciences has set up a ‘voluntary repentance scheme’ for (former) students who have used stolen test questions. If students confess this, they are allowed to finish their exams ‘legitimately’ and the university refrains from imposing sanctions. In February, the university announced that it had reported the theft of tests and the sale of test questions to students. The police arrested three suspects, including a Saxion employee. The police are investigating the case together with the public prosecutor (OM).


Major impact
There should be no doubt about the value of a Saxion diploma, stresses chairperson of the board Anka Mulder. She warns students who do not come forward. “If an investigation shows that someone has used test questions obtained in advance, sanctions will follow.” A student can then be suspended or deregistered.


With the voluntary repentance scheme Saxion hopes to get a quicker picture of which test questions have been made honestly and which tests have been cheated on. “It is important that students who have taken the tests in good faith are not disadvantaged in any way.” A spokesperson states that no one has yet appealed for the scheme. (Former) students have until 15 April to come forward. (HOP, JvE)


Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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