Violence during hazing at Amsterdam student association

Violence during hazing at Amsterdam student association

During their hazing, several freshmen of the Amsterdam student association A.S.C.-A.V.S.V. were humiliated, kicked and beaten up last week. At at least eight fraternities ‘unacceptable behaviour’ took place.


That is what the board of the Association of Reunionists of the student association writes to the other former members. The letter is in the possession of the Dutch newspaper Volkskrant, which reported on Friday that several aspirant members had been injured.


The reunionists are especially critical of the role of the fraternities and of what happens in the fraternity houses: “The (hazing) boards of the fraternities, of which it is clear that misconduct is going on, are very adept at completely distorting the facts towards the Senate and their own reunionists”, quotes the Volkskrant. “They deny it outright, they downplay it, even when injuries are visible and the freshmen declare that violence has taken place. In our view, there is really a lot wrong with a number of boys and definitely also girls who consider it normal that extreme humiliation, kicking and beating up should be part of the short green time.”


After the publication in the Volkskrant, the Senate of A.S.C.-A.V.S.V. acknowledged that it had received reports of transgressive behaviour and discontinued the fraternity introduction time immediately. According to rector Jack Koopman, an investigation is underway to determine exactly what happened.


The University of Amsterdam, the Free University and the University of Applied Sciences of Amsterdam will have a discussion with the association this week and will then decide whether sanctions will follow. (HOP, Hein Cuppen)

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