Vaccination certificate as a reward

Vaccination certificate as a reward


There is support among the Dutch for the introduction of a vaccination certificate that gives more freedom to people who take the vaccine in case of an outbreak. This appears from research conducted by scientists from TU Delft, Erasmus University Rotterdam, RIVM, Maastricht University and Roskilde University.


In a decision-making experiment, 1,640 respondents assessed nine policy options for the government to increase vaccination coverage, for example by rewarding people who got vaccinated or imposing restrictions on people who do not get vaccinated. 


“Two variants of a ‘vaccination certificate light’ were very popular,” says Niek Mouter, researcher at Delft University of Technology. “73% of those surveyed were in favor of the option that people who have obtained a vaccine receive a vaccination certificate that allows them to visit certain places (such as stores, restaurants, nursing homes, fitness centers and public transport) when there is an outbreak of the virus in their region. People who have not been vaccinated may be refused access during an outbreak”.  


There also appeared to be a lot of support for a vaccination certificate that allows people visit places where large groups of people congregate without keeping a meter and a half distance. Think of concerts, festivals and sports competitions. Mouter: “In this case, too, people who have not been vaccinated may be refused. 71% of those questioned would recommend this variant to the government”. 


Find out more about the research and the results here (in Dutch). 

News editor Marjolein van der Veldt

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