Utrecht professor dismissed after complaints

Utrecht professor dismissed after complaints



A Utrecht professor of clinical psychology has been dismissed for transgressive behaviour. Utrecht University received 17 reports, some of which also appear to concern his time at Maastricht University and the Free University (VU) of Amsterdam.


The three independent media of those universities conducted a search for experiences with the professor, whose name they do not mention. Former students and staff appear to be ‘very cautious and reticent’, they write.


Still, they received some responses. In Maastricht, the professor was said to have had the reputation of a womaniser, who occasionally asked a student out, Observant writes (in Dutch). He also allegedly asked students in an assignment to describe their sexual fantasies.


To Ad Valvas of the VU Amsterdam, a professor told (in Dutch): “We were both new at the VU and went for a drink with a young PhD student there as well. I was really flabbergasted by the explicit sexual language in our presence.” He filed a complaint with his supervisor.


The case will not go to court as the professor has accepted his resignation. According to Utrecht University, no compensation for dismissal will be paid. In a statement, the dismissed professor told DUB: “I regret the situation that has arisen. It was never my intention to make people feel uncomfortable.” (HOP, BB)


Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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