[Update] Man injured after fall in Delft Student Society

A 21-year-old fraternity member was injured after a fall of at least four meters in the building of the Delftsch Studenten Corps last night.

The victim was lifted out of the building with a platform from the fire department. (Photo: Daan van den Ende)

According to a police spokeswoman, the student fell backwards from a balustrade in the Delft Student Society “Phoenix”. Because the accident happened during the freshmen introduction week OWee, first aid was already present. Since the victim was approachable, a summoned trauma helicopter was eventually cancelled. To keep the student moving as little as possible, he was stabilised on an ambulance vacuum mattress. He was then lifted out of the building with a fire brigade platform and transported to the hospital.

This Wednesday morning, a member of the Delftsch Studenten Corps Board reported to Delta to be “very shocked”. Last nights festivities ended immediately. The board member says that the association’s staff “acted well”. For now, he does not want to give any further details and refers to a press release that will come out later today.


In a press release, the board of the Delft Student Corps and Student Society Phoenix state that the student fell from a three-meter high balustrade around 3:30 AM. The victim is doing well. “He was able to leave the hospital without serious injuries,” the report says. The association stays in close contact with the victim. As of now, the DSC board is investigating how the incident could have taken place and how such incidents can be prevented in the future.

A TU Delft spokeswoman speaks of an “unfortunate accident” in which the person concerned was “fortunately not seriously injured”. What exactly happened and whether alcohol played a role is, according to her, being investigated by the DSC board. Early this morning, they contacted the university to report the incident.

“Today the OWee’s organisation is paying extra attention in their communication with student associations regarding safety regulations”, said the spokeswoman.  “The OWee program is not being adjusted.”

News editor Connie van Uffelen

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