University sees an increase in appeals

In 2015, the TU Delft Appeals Board received more appeals than ever. 94 appeals were filed, a 34 percent increase over 2014 when they received 70 appeals.

The majority of appeals came from students who were not admitted to a university master’s programme. Those 53 appeals counted for 56 percent of the total. 23 students did not respond to letters about their appeals, because they had already enrolled to other universities.

Eventually 23 of the master’s appeals were withdrawn, 23 were declared unfounded, 3 were declared founded and one was inadmissible because it was too late. The final three were not dealt with in 2015. Although 23 international students did not respond to reminders for handling their case, the Examination Appeals Board (CBE) did. It declared 22 of them unfounded and one founded. In this last case, it was determined that the selection process was not conducted in line with regulations.

Other appeals involved fraud (11), the binding recommendation on continuation of studies (10) and completion of exam grades (9). However on the basis of the Higher Education and Research Act, the CBE is not allowed to judge this last category.

Appeals regarding fraud have increased four times compared to 2014, but nine cases were from a single group of students at one faculty. The CBE found seven of the appeals had merit and so concluded in those cases that the Board of Examiners’ fraude assessment was unfounded.

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