​​​​​​​University fund awards grant

University fund awards grant


Former industrial design student Cora Man has been awarded the Marina van Damme grant of 9000 euros. This grant is awarded annually by the Delft University Fund to a young female engineer to enhance her development. The jury praised Cora Man for the ‘challenging career switch’ she has made within the Rotterdam-based company Asha International, where she has worked since graduating in 2014. Man took over the hygienic and erotic articles company and is now chief operational officer. With the scholarship, she plans to pursue a master of business administration (MBA). Man had an uncommon school career among Delft students: through secondary and higher vocational education.


  • Read what Delta wrote in 2014 about Cora Man’s graduate design for the erotic industry: Message from the Womb (in Dutch).

Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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