TU’s supercomputer for the next academic year

TU’s supercomputer for the next academic year

The Delft High-Performance Computing Centre (DHPC) is clear for take-off. The Japanese computer manufacturer Fujitsu and a TU Delft delegation signed the supplier contract during a recorded ceremony last Monday 22 March.

TU Delft aims to have the supercomputer service available for students and researchers this autumn semester. The purchase of the hardware and software will commence next week. Delivery is expected around mid-June.

The bustling period for testing is the two months before September. In July, the developers will finish the software installation and the integration with the TU Delft network. Then performance testing with chosen users starts in August, during which the supercomputer will process various projects, such as simulating weather or analysing electrical power grids.

Earlier we explained why TU Delft needs its own supercomputer alongside the new SURFsara supercomputer for universities and research institutions. (RS)

Rayan Suryadikara / Science Desk Intern

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