TU Delft’s finances also under Inspectorate’s scrutiny

The Inspectorate of Education’s examination into transgressive behaviour at TU Delft is in the analysis phase. The latter’s finances are also being examined.

(Photo: Justyna Botor)

The analysis primarily entails the interviews with people who lodged reports, answered a spokesperson at the Inspectorate when asked. How long the analysis will take depends on several factors, he added. “Whether there will be follow-up questions from us will depend on whether people say the same or different things, or if a rabbit is suddenly pulled out of a hat. So it depends.” Furthermore, the call for people at TU Delft to lodge reports is still open.

The spokesperson also confirms a rumour doing the rounds at TU Delft that it is not only transgressive behaviour on the work floor that the Inspectorate is looking into, but that its finances are under investigation too. For reasons of diligence, he is not prepared to go into further depth on either issue.

Due process
In any case, as he had said previously, the spokesperson does not expect the full report or part thereof to be published before the summer. Before the report is made public, it will first go to the Executive Board so that they can express their views. Within five weeks of the Executive Board having received it, it will be made public, unless a court proceeding would prevent it.

The Inspectorate will also speak to the Executive Board at an earlier phase. Whether this has already happened or not is unclear, as is the subject matter that was discussed. The spokesperson says that the standard procedure is for the Inspectorate to contact the board of an institution for questioning. “We monitor institutions. The Executive Board is then the point of contact.”

Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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