TU Delft wants to lengthen the teaching day

TU Delft wants to lengthen the teaching day to spread traffic and building occupancy. This and other changes will take effect on 1 August.

Stickers and plastic screens are appearing all over the campus, like here in the Library. (Photo: Marjolein van der Veldt)

The Executive Board has come up with measures that will ensure that the new academic year will start well. These are still to be discussed with the Works Council and the Student Council. Physical higher education will be permitted again as of 1 August, as long as it complies with RIVM (Netherlands National Institute for Public Health and the Environment) guidelines. TU Delft has now worked out what this means for its staff and students.

One aspect of the plans is to lengthen the teaching day from eight in the morning to eight in the evening. During this time, both online teaching and teaching on campus must be given. On campus, small-scale will be the norm, in part because small groups will be better for student welfare.

Working from home will remain the norm

To give as many students the chance to come to TU Delft while at the same time not allowing the buildings and public transport to get too crowded, the Executive Board deems it necessary to stretch the teaching day. Further, particular teaching spaces will be allocated to particular faculties to minimise the amount of movement around the campus. The Executive Board would prefer staff and students to move around on foot or by bicycle.

The plans allow the faculties themselves to decide how many people may be present at the same time. To do this they will have to have an entry policy and take measures such as ‘corona coordinators’ to enforce this. They will be given the authority to send staff and students home if they do not adhere with the rules or have symptoms of illness.

Working from home will remain the norm for staff. That said, the plans do recognise that it is good for staff’s well-being to come to the office once in a while. They may do this in consultation with their supervisors. It is the latter’s responsibility to enhance their staff members’ well-being.

TU Delft will gradually introduce all the measure so that it can measure their effects. It also retains the right to withdraw the easing on restrictions in the short term if this proves necessary.

The Executive Board will discuss its plans with the Works Council and the Students Council on Thursday 9 July. Keep an eye on the website for their reactions.

Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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