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A collection of suits

TU Delft student Joost is likely to be the best dressed man, even at the poshest ball

No off the shelf items, but unique suits. Joost Bom acquired his collection from Marktplaats and London tailors.

Student and suit collector Joost Bom wears one of his unique statement suits whenever the occasion calls for it. (Photo: Thijs van Reeuwijk)

While most students may at the most wear a badly fitting skirt or a tight fitting suit for Christmas parties and dates, the suit collection of Joost Bom (24) goes well beyond what one needs to be presentable at formal occasions. His friends say that the Mechanical Engineering master student is always overdressed, but to Joost, his fitted pleated trousers and shirt are his usual everyday apparel.

They cannot be compared to his special suits that he only wears on special occasions. ‘Special occasions’ can range from milestones in his studies to formal gala dinners. On the occasion of his final presentation for his bachelor’s, Joost wore a dark blue double-breasted, flannel pinstriped suit.

Wearing a 60 year old formal dress suit that he bought for a small sum on Marktplaats – the online secondhand shop – he has the air of a member of the British upper class at formal occasions. Taking a chance on Marktplaats turned out well for him. The suit has a few unique decorations, was in perfect condition, and fits him like a glove.

Athletic build

His collection also includes two other formal suits and a wide selection of suit jackets and trousers. Some date back to the Second World War while others are new, selected from the racks of the Suitsupply outlet store. Joost admits that he is lucky to have an athletic build as standard sizes, even those of decades ago, fit him perfectly.

Once in a while though, he goes wild

Apart from his suits, Joost also has a huge selection of accessories. He has shoes, scarves, gloves, ties, and cufflinks to match each suit. He even has a silk top hat from the 1940s. Given his love for accessories, Joost works with a German accessory brand called Herr von Welt on Instagram. The gentlemen behind Herr von Welt make buttonhole silk flowers. Joost now has dozens of these boutonnières.

By keeping a close eye on sites like Marktplaats, the master’s student limits his outlay. Once in a while though, he goes wild. Last summer Joost visited Savile Row, the well-known tailor’s street in London and came back with a tuxedo and a tweed jacket. But they were secondhand though so he did not spend too much.

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Close-up van een reeks pakken op een rij.
In Joost Blom’s wardrobe the suits are neatly arranged in a row. (Photo: Thijs van Reeuwijk)
The naked eye

Joost says that a good suit is timeless, especially when it meets certain criteria. It should not show any contemporary or old-fashioned fashion fads; the fitting is neither too wide nor too close; the lapels are not too wide nor too narrow; the pattern is neither glaring nor dull. As an aficionado, Joost not only immediately sees if a suit fits him, but also if it suits him.

So what is the attraction of a well-fitted suit? It is comfortable. While others might think this sounds strange, to Joost it the most natural thing in the world. Apart from that, it gives you a certain look. Others notice this and Joost talks about a guy at a gala event who he heard was ‘almost afraid’ of him because of the self-confidence that he emanated.

But to have this effect, the suit must suit you. A lot of people only wear suits occasionally, like when they really have to. Joost spots their discomfort immediately. To him, the suit is then wearing the man. In Joost’s case, he, the man, is wearing the suit and not vice versa.



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