TU Delft once again examines the mood of employees

How are TU Delft employees doing in times of corona? That is the main question of a new survey, which has been online since 8 December.

Team sports on campus is at a standstill. (Photo: Dalia Madi)

In an appeal, the Executive Board writes that it can imagine that employees are ‘extra tired’ ‘of working hard and of the coronavirus outbreak’. The Board therefore wants to know, among other things, which problems employees are experiencing.

Questions concern physical and mental health, loneliness, the quality of the home workspace and contact with colleagues. TU Delft also asks whether respondents have tips for others. The questionnaire can be completed anonymously, and employees can skip questions.

TU Delft sent out a similar questionnaire in June, which was completed by 2328 employees. On average, they gave their physical health a 7.4, their life satisfaction a 6.8, working at TU Delft a 7.8 and working from home a 6.2. The latter was a reason for the university to improve home workplaces, as well as to start training and workshops to improve well-being.

Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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