TU Delft is now on Mastodon

TU Delft is now on Mastodon



TU Delft has been participating in a trial of Mastodon, which is an online communication network similar to Twitter, since 23 February. The trial was set up by Surf, a nationwide ict association for education and research. Surf has created a server called, where staff and students of colleges and universities can post their messages. Institutions can also create a webcare account here.


Employees of Surf check the messages posted on the server. As a result, the TU has no extra work on moderation, says Roy Meijer, communications officer and editor-in-chief of the TU’s content room, which manages the university’s social media and website.


Creating an account on Mastodon is done via your netID and is thus linked to your TU account. This reduces the chances of unwanted things like bots and troll armies, as users are traceable.


The community on Mastodon is still small: Surf’s server currently hosts about 150 active users from all over the country. Apart from a single TU employee, users come mainly from Surf itself. (Delta, RvdW)



Science editor Rob van der Wal

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