TU Delft Impact Contest is looking for participants

TU Delft Impact Contest is looking for participants



Students with a solution for a societal problem can register until 1 March for the TU Delft Impact Contest, which is taking place for the fourth time this year. Such a societal problem can translate into a small solution, explains Nienke Zwaal of the organising campaign agency Soapbox. She mentions the ban on plastic straws. “They have been replaced by paper straws, but those don’t drink well. A straw made from another material can be a solution.”


An important goal of the contest is to develop entrepreneurial skills among students. They can also come into contact with the business world. In addition, the initiators of the competition, the Centre for Entrepreneurship and TU Delft Campus, want to show, for example, school pupils the ideas that are alive among students.


Sixteen teams have currently signed up, says Zwaal. “We are hoping for fifty teams.” For those who are interested, there will be an information session at Zoom on Thursday afternoon 17 February. There, they can immediately make contact with possible team members, although participants can also participate on their own. At least one member of each team must be a TU Delft student or have just graduated. The final of the Impact Contest is on 7 June. (SB)


  • All information about the TU Delft Impact Contact can be found here.


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