TU Delft expects timely promotions

TU Delft expects timely promotions

Despite the corona crisis, TU Delft expects PhD students and postdocs to complete their research within the set time frame, says Jan Dirk Jansen, dean of Civil Engineering and Geosciences and chairman of the COVID-19 working group on finance. In the video below he says that we now face exceptional circumstances, but that that is often the case. According to him, setbacks are part of research. The corona crisis is such a setback, ‘an unplanned and a very serious one’.

In a petition, PhD students from four TU Delft Faculties ask Minister of Education Van Engelshoven to extend their contracts, because they fear delays due to the corona crisis. 

Jansen says he understands the concerns of PhD students and postdocs, and that he ‘can’t take them away immediately’. “With the cooperation of the PhD students and postdocs, we will do everything we can to ensure that their projects are completed on time. Of course we feel responsible for good solutions, for the content of the research, but especially for the people doing that research.”


Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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