TU Delft escape room reopens

TU Delft escape room reopens



The escape room Mission to Mars of the TU Delft Science Centre will reopen to the public on 22 March, at a new location in the city centre. According to the Science Centre, the escape room, which was the result of a graduation research project, has been expanded with a number of games and has been made more challenging than before. A test location has been simulated where participants are ‘challenged to solve technical and scientific puzzles to test whether their team is suitable for the first manned space mission to Mars’.



The escape room had to move because the Science Centre as a whole had to move out of the landmark Mining Building. The Science Centre can now be found on the Van der Burghweg, further down the campus, where it will partially open in the second quarter op 2022. The escape room, on the other hand, has moved to the centre and is now located above Stadscafé Barbaar on the Sint Agathaplein.


The game is available in Dutch and English and children’s parties for children aged 12 and over can be held there from May onwards. (SB)



Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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