TU Delft aims for interfaculty education

TU Delft aims for interfaculty education

TU Delft expects that future education will increasingly be organised on an interfaculty or even interuniversity level. This means that instead of the traditional one Faculty, several Faculties will be responsible for a student’s education. The new ‘Pro Vice Rector Magnificus for Joint Educational Affairs’ Hans Hellendoorn will help shape this type of education from 1 February.

The professor of control engineering is no stranger to this field. He is the initiator of the existing Joint Interdisciplinary Project (JIP), in which students from various Faculties work together. In his new position, Helledoorn’s first assignment is to draw up a plan for both the Bachelor’s and the Master’s programmes.

The shift in direction originates from TU Delft’s ambition to educate students into ‘socially responsible engineers’ who can help solve major social problems. According to TU Delft, they need knowledge and skills that transcend their own disciplines. (SB)

Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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