Trial: lasers against geese

Trial: lasers against geese

Geese are no longer welcome on the IDE square and between the CEGS building and the Bouwcampus because they defecate on the cosy seats near the water, reports the TU Delft Information Office on the intranet. An experiment to chase the animals away will start soon. It will use laser technology developed by the Delft start-up Bird Control Group. Birds are frightened off by moving light spots, and they do not seem to get used to them quickly.

René Hoonhout, team leader of the green management department, has been given a laser on loan – a 40-centimetre ‘torch’ that produces a bright spot of light. He plans to drive past Industrial Engineering and the Bouwcampus during the early round at seven o’clock in the morning and chase away the birds there for about ten minutes. According to the company, the laser show will keep the geese away for a couple of hours. “And if not, we’ll do another round,” Hoonhout said.

Dik Nagtegaal, Press Officer at the Dutch Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, is familiar with the technology and is ‘enthusiastic’ about the trial. “It is ten times better than shooting,” he explains. Moreover, he hopes that the trial on a university campus will raise awareness of the animal-friendly technology that he would like to see applied elsewhere. 

The trial runs until the end of November. If the experience is favourable, Hoonhout will consider purchasing its own laser for the green management department.

Science editor Jos Wassink

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