Three Delft projects get millions

Three Delft projects get millions



Research financier NWO is distributing 140 million euros among nine exceptionally large projects. These are projects that a university or research institute cannot easily pay for themselves. TU Delft is participating in three of these projects.


One of the projects is NL-BioImaging, which focuses on advanced microscopy. They receive 15 million euro from NWO to develop advanced microscopic techniques. This is to gain more insight into the building blocks of life and better combat life-threatening diseases.


Project Delta-enigma receives €16 million. In this project, TU Delft and other parties are investigating the natural development of river deltas and coastal plains. This will enable researchers to better predict changes in these areas due to climate change.


The Delft project EPOS-eNLarge is investigating Dutch soil. By studying how water moves through the soil, it could improve the extraction of heat from the soil by geothermal energy. That project will receive a grant of €18 million.


Money was first distributed in 2008. Since then, there have been several rounds, in which 21 projects received funding. So now nine projects are being added. (HOP, BB / Delta, RvdW)


Science editor Rob van der Wal

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