Third Leiden student assaulted in two weeks’ time

Third Leiden student assaulted in two weeks’ time



An external date of a member of the Leiden student rowing association Njord was seriously assaulted during a gala in a Limburg castle on Wednesday 14 December. According to apps owned by university magazine Mare, the victim was lying on the ground and the perpetrator ‘kept on hitting’. Police have launched an investigation.


It is the third violent incident among Leiden students since late November. During a Halloween party, a student was assaulted at Minerva’s sorority. His throat was squeezed for so long that he became unconscious. The perpetrator had to be pulled off the bloodied victim by bystanders. The student was taken to hospital by ambulance. This incident too is being investigated by the police.


A week later, things also went wrong. According to Mare, a Minerva board member had punched another member several times. According to the fraternity president, the victim had stolen a shield from the fraternity, “to which the board member in question reacted aggressively”. The board member was suspended. (HOP, PvT


Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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