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These are 7 OWee activities you’ll want to be part of

During the OWee, you’ll be overwhelmed with activities. That’s why Delta selected a number of special or amusing activities from the associations’ extensive programmes.

The opening party of the 2017 OWee. (Photo: Delta)

Besides the official OWee programme – the block schedule of which can be found below this article – the student associations have their own extensive programmes to recruit new members. What have they come up with? Delta scoured their websites for the varied activities on offer.

  • Are you not a first-year student or unable to be present at the OWee? You can experience the week on Delta’s Instagram page.


(Photo: Pxhere)

Funda roast
Buying a house is impossible for most young people, even with the return of the basic grant. At least, during the Funda Roast at the Delftsche Zwervers (Delft Wanderers), you can have fun critiquing interiors of people who have done the quirkiest things with their homes.

🗓 Monday 14 August
⌚ 23.30 – 0.00
📍 Delftsche Zwervers, Schiekade 3

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A Break from Party Madness
For those who want to recover from partying, there is a calm program every evening at the X sports and culture center. You can enjoy activities like a lying-down concert, a board game night, or a mini workshop in the Open Art Studio.

🗓 Monday August 14 to Thursday August 17
⌚ 20.00 – ?.??
📍: X, Mekelweg 8-10

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Midnight Laser Gaming
Get to know the Delftsche Studenten Bond society in the dark. There, you can play a round of laser game every night. The start time of the Midnight Laser Gaming activity is pretty self-explanatory.

🗓 Monday August 14 to Wednesday August 16
⌚ 0.00-???
📍 DSB, Oude Delft 123

(Photo: Pxhere)

Special Coffee/Tea Tasting
A tasting does not always have to involve beer or wine, right? At DSV Sint Jansbrug, you can enjoy a special coffee and tea tasting. Perfect for those who don’t drink alcohol or are looking for something different.

🗓 Tuesday August 15
⌚ 18.30 – 19.30
📍 Sint Jansbrug, Oude Delft 50

(Photo: Pxhere)

Beer Coaster War
“Beer coasters! Beer coasters everywhere! This is chaos!” said the only person who survived last year’s beer coaster war at De Bolk, winks the association. Throw beer coasters at your new friends, mentors, or complete strangers.

🗓 Wednesday 16 August
⌚ 22.30 – 0.30
📍 De Bolk, Buitenwatersloot 1

(Photo: Pxhere)

If you still have a bit of voice left on the third day, you can showcase it at the Outsite LHBT+ association for young people. This association is more than the equally unmissable Gay Bingo. Sing your heart out during karaoke.

🗓 Wednesday 16 August
⌚ 21.00 – 0.00
📍 Outsite, Lange Geer 22

(Photo: Delta)

Tote Bag for a Like
Want to know who the editors of Delta are? Find us at the information market of the OWee on Monday. Our booth will have the Delta logo flag. And if you follow us on Instagram, you will get a tote bag.

🗓 Monday 14 August
⌚ 13:45 – 17:45
📍 Delta, Markt

(Source: OWee)

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